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Monday, July 27, 2015

ASO Report Optimization - Short Tip

Another short post on ASO Report Script Learning

I was working on a project where we have an ASO cube and we had to extract the data from ASO cube to a different team. There were multiple requirements, where they wanted level0 of few dimensions and summary level of other dimensions

I used an existing report script that was in a BSO cube and then updated the dimensions accordingly and to my surprise, the script ran for around 2 hours to generate around 20MB file

I have written report scripts earlier and never did the script ran so long. It took a while for me and figured out that I was using LEV and when replaced with LEAVES, the report script ran for 40 seconds

I expanded the scope of my report script and was able to generate 400MB file in 4 minutes

Always use LEAVES if you need Level0 members of a dimension in ASO cube

Happy Learning!!!