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Monday, August 10, 2015

Analytics outside of my work

My first encounter with Essbase started in 2007 when I started my career and never looked back. I loved working in essbase and how different it was compared to other databases. it wasn't that difficult for me to make a switch-over with the knowledge of relation Db's as I was a very quick learner. 

It's not just Essbase that I love but I am in love with data and anything that is related to data and analytics. As part of my work, I work on Essbase applications and outside of my work, I tend to analyze data that is available public and try to analyze the data. This isn't that easy as the data that is available is not complete. that's what I love. I love to fill the gaps / identify where the gaps are and come up with solutions. 
If the data is not available, I just scrape the data from websites / social networks and look at what people are talking about
Sounds good till now but what tools / programming languages I use?
I use R mainly for analyzing the data as I felt comfortable and relatively simple
I do use Python if there is something which I don't find in R. Mostly, I have used Python where huge amount of data is involved and R tends to give me problems as my system is not that highly configured

I have been busy working on something of my interest to be applied on what I am working on. I will be able to post it soon in couple of days / in a month